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For those who like variety, this is a job that moves a lot and keeps you learning . There’s no end to the creativity and insight that podcasters share with their audience, and being a part of bringing that show to the audience can be a lot of fun. You could say the primary role of the podcast producer is to get the show on the road — and moving in the right direction. There will be some small test projects as part of the application process and pay will be discussed once you’re a serious candidate for the position. This position is perfect for someone looking for additional “on-your-own-time” work and to grow or transition into something bigger, and be a part of a team serving the podcasting industry. There are many different podcast editing programs available at a variety of price points for Mac, PC, and mobile.

Church News podcast: David Schneider on coping with change — Church News

Church News podcast: David Schneider on coping with change.

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If you have already started a podcast that has a loyal fanbase, you may find that other people are interested in bringing your voice and personality to their shows. Going through audio files, set markers, document where audio lines up with the story. Did you apply to this job If so, please click «Applied for Job» to save it to your «Application History» page. If not, click on «Did Not Apply» to return to the job post. Produce complete and accurate research to back up any statement or strategy we share in our content.


Helping folks all around the world start and grow a successful podcast since 2007. But I’ve had compatibility issues with different Skype versions and it randomly fails to record video channels sometimes.

Your mic technique, remote recording software, and recording environment will impact your audio quality much more than your gear. As we’ve outlined above learning how to do a podcast from different locations is not complicated at all. If you’re using one of the best platforms to record a podcast remotely, it doesn’t matter what location your guests are in, you’ll still get high-end podcast interview recordings. There are loads of other good audio editing software options out there. The editing phase is often called “post-production”, and this is where you chop out mistakes, clean and level everything up, and sync them all together.

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And some of the newer online call recorders on the market are offering these features, and more. Whether you host an interview show or have an online co-host, you need to know how to record remote work podcast a podcast remotely. Clearcast.io is another recording option which allows you to record audio files in perfect quality (320 kbps, 44.1 kHz MP3s), regardless of connection speed or problems.

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Make sure you invest in the right materials and equipment to get as close to studio-quality results as possible. Writing show notes for a podcast can be as simple as cataloging timestamps where key elements of an episode are happening, or as complicated as writing a blog post, adding the transcript, and more. This is not just about recording a show and putting it out there on the internet. Good production will make a show sound as good as some of the major network shows.

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You don’t necessarily need an online call recorder to run a remote recording. In this podcast, Adam Finan has interviewed experts on how to hire virtual assistants from the Philippines, build a business that you love, and deal with remote freelance work in times of pandemic. Podcast editing includes adding an intro or outro, cutting portions of an interview (including out “ums” and coughs), and adding music.

Research using online tools to determine and judge the intent and accuracy of queries. Translates complex data into user-friendly graphics for print and electronic publications, such as technical journals, user and training manuals, websites and podcasts.

Take the lead on growth marketing strategies across our funnel, drive forward … The ideal outcome for a podcast is to generate money for its host, whether it’s in the form of sponsorships and advertising dollars, appearance fees , or customer and client leads. You’ll also need to be able to interpret the podcast’s analytics to see what’s working, what’s not, and advise your clients on content moving forward. This is another part of the strategic role that producers play. Some clients will want to do their own analytics and content strategy, but others will look to you for guidance. Your work will be project based so as long as you complete edits and tasks in the allotted time, you’re free to choose when & where you work. Watch the video below to see how you can use Descript to create a podcast from start to finish in less than 10 minutes.